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Get an ED Card for Aruba!

There are times when you need a vacation somewhere far and beautiful to refresh your mind. Aruba might be what you’re looking for; it has beautiful beaches, resorts, and a soothing environment. To visit the beautiful Aruba Island, you will need an ED ticket to gain entry.

The process of filling out an ED ticket for Aruba is simple, but there can be several reasons for inconveniences, such as filling out your ED card incorrectly or leaving out important information or occurrences like flight changes or missed or canceled flights may worry you but have no worry as this guide will answer all your queries and worries.

Ages 15 – 65

From 9th July 2022, a flat premium of $15 will be charged. This premium is not refundable unless in the occurrence of you making a duplicate purchase or if your trip to Aruba has been canceled.

Ages 0 – 14

From 9th July 2022, a flat premium of $12 will be charged. This premium is not refundable unless in the occurrence of you making a duplicate purchase or if your trip to Aruba has been canceled.

Can you edit your ED card for Aruba?

If you’re extending your stay in Aruba, your flight has been missed or canceled, or any other reason you think you will have to edit your Aruba ED card, then the answer to these occurrences may vary.

If you want to apply for an extension of stay to extend your stay in Aruba, you don’t have to edit your ED card with this updated information. However, it is advised that you extend your Aruba visitor’s insurance.

In the inconvenience of missing your flight or if your flight has been canceled, you again aren’t required to edit your ED card. Instead, you must reapply for the Aruba ED card form in case of a missed or canceled flight and if you’re traveling to Aruba from a different flight.

Get an ED Card for Aruba!

Do I Need an ED Card to Leave Aruba?

The Aruba ED card, also known as the embarkation/disembarkation card, is a mandatory travel document required by travelers (both nationals and visitors, including infants and minors) to enter or depart from Aruba. Filling out this form is simple, straightforward, and doesn’t require much time.

 The Aruba ED card form is a mandatory travel document that all travelers must fill out to gain entry into Aruba. The ED card replaces the physical form that travelers traveling to Aruba used to fill out upon arrival in the country. The Aruba ED card is called the embarkation/disembarkation card because the ED card is not only required upon arrival in Aruba but will also be needed upon departing from the island.

Ensure you request the travel document at least 3 days before your arrival date. It is recommended not to leave things such as filling out or requesting an ED card at the last minute as it will cause unnecessary inconveniences.

You can stay for a maximum number of 30 days in Aruba and apply for an extension of your stay if you want to extend your stay, but it will not exceed 180 days. After you successfully apply for an ED card, it will be checked twice, the first time is when the airline assesses it during the departure, and the second time is when the authorities will inspect it after you arrive in Aruba.

How do I upload my ED card to Aruba?

To acquire entry in Aruba, you must fill out the ED card application form. Follow the steps to qualify for an ED card successfully.

·         On the official Aruba portal, select whether you’re a resident r non-resident on the main page.

·         After selecting non-resident, a pop-up will notify you that you will have 7 days to fill out your ED card before arriving in Aruba. You can also select your arrival date here.

·          Now, you will have to fill out personal information such as name, birth date, telephone number, email address, etc.

·         You will be required to fill in more personal information now, such as gender, address, employment details, etc.

·         In the fourth section, you will fill in flight details like departure date, airline name, accommodation name, number of times you have visited Aruba Island previously, etc. you will also have to submit information related to visiting Aruba.

·         Next, on your ED card application, you will have to read and answer a couple of disclaimers to qualify for the board, screening rules, testing, costs, regulations, and other instructions.

·         If you have correctly filled in all of this required information, it means you have completed the application form. If you qualify, you will receive a green checkmark with a barcode.

Get an ED Card for Aruba!

What does NR mean in Aruba?

NR means Aruba Nationality Register in Aruba. Deregistration from the Aruba Nationality Register takes place, among other things, by the traveler that has registered the flight.

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