Aruba ED Card FAQ

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Get an ED Card for Aruba!

Traveling somewhere for the first time can be hectic and stressful as you aren’t sure about many things related to the place you’re traveling to. If you want somewhere to relax and Aruba is in your mind, then have no worry, as traveling to Aruba only requires an ED card, and getting it is simple. Any questions and concerns related to the Aruba ED card you may have will be answered in this guide.  

What Is The Aruba ED Card, And Why Do I Need It?

The Aruba ED card is the embarkation/disembarkation card required to enter or depart from the beautiful island of Aruba. The Aruba ED card helps verify that you took all necessary precautions to board the flight to Aruba. The Aruba ED card can also show that you purchased Aruba’s visitor’s insurance. Overall, the ED card is a much easier way and saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to carry tons of documents as the ED card is completely digital and has everything necessary to travel to Aruba included.

Who Needs To Apply For the Aruba ED Card

The Aruba ED card or embarkation/disembarkation card is required for all travelers entering or leaving Aruba Island. Both nationals and tourists, infants and minors, will require an ED card to enter Aruba.

What are The Aruba ED Card Requirements?

The Aruba ED card is the main thing you must have in order to have entry into the stunning island of Aruba, but you must have certain other documents as well when traveling to Aruba.

·         Ensure you have a valid passport that has a valid visa sticker from a country that requires an Aruban visa.

·         A valid, future destination or return ticket.

·         Necessary documents for returning to the country you came from/ country of origin. For example, a valid residency permit.

·         You will also require a valid reservation for accommodation if requested by the migration officer. For example, any hotel or apartment you can stay in or property ownership (residence, apartment, condominium, etc.)

·         If requested by the migration officer, you will also need adequate financial means to pay for hotel and living expenses during your stay or a declaration of guarantee from a legal resident living on Aruba Island.

·         A valid email address so the barcode, which is required at the border, can be sent to you through email. You acquire the barcode with the green checkmark upon correctly filling out the ED card form.

Get an ED Card for Aruba!

When Is The Aruba ED Card Checked?

Your Aruba ED card will be checked twice; first, during the departure, the airline will assess it. The second time it will be checked is when the authorities inspect the card after you enter Aruba.

Is Aruba visitor travel insurance required?

Travel insurance is not necessary anymore for travelers. However, it is advised that you have Aruba visitor travel insurance, including COVID-19 overage.  

How long is the online ED card registry valid?

The online ED card registry is valid from the moment the registry is completed until you have been granted permission for entry to Aruba Island and until the mentioned flight has entered Aruba.

Do minors have to complete the Aruba ED card form?

In the case of minors, anyone having any disabilities, or any other person that is unable to fill the Aruba ED card form themselves, a responsible adult can be the person in charge of filling out the forms on their behalf and presenting the ED card document.

The public health authorities of Aruba recommend that all travelers have the Aruba travel document regardless of age.

Get an ED Card for Aruba!

Is a Covid-19 test required to enter Aruba?

As of Mar 19, 2022, travelers are no longer required to present any proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 result. However, it is recommended to download the health app of Aruba to be up to date related to any changes in the health and safety regulations of Aruba. There are no quarantine restrictions upon entering the country either. Just ensure you wear masks as a safety precaution.

How Long Can I Stay In Aruba?

The maximum number of days a tourist can stay in Aruba is 30 days. You can apply for an extension of stay, but it cannot exceed 180 days per year.

Is an Aruba ED card required to transit through Aruba?

No, an Aruba ED card won’t be required if you’re staying less than 24 hours on the island or if Aruba isn’t your final destination. It’s only required when traveling to Aruba or departing from it.

Will I need an Aruba ED card if I’m visiting the island for the second time?

The Aruba ED card or embarkation/disembarkation card is a single-entry-only document. This means it’ll be valid until the time you enter Aruba, and you will require another ED card for the next time you enter or exit the island of Aruba.

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