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Get an ED Card for Aruba!

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives drastically, but fortunately, the deadly virus has almost been wiped out. However, many countries still have covid-19 safety regulations, especially for travelers landing at the airport. If you’re interested in traveling to the island of Aruba and are worried about what safety regulations regarding Covid-19 the beautiful island has, then do not worry, as this guide will cover all your concerns and queries regarding Covid-19 and its health and safety regulations in Aruba.

What are the Covid-19 Test Requirements in Aruba?

As of Mar 19, 2022, anyone traveling to the island of Aruba is not required to present a COVID-19 negative test or any other proof of vaccination. However, it is advised that you download the Aruba health app so you can keep up to date regarding any changes or alternations with all recent Aruba Covid test requirements and any changes in Covid-19 measures and instructions.

Do I Need to Take a COVID-19 Test Before Traveling to Aruba?

According to the government of Aruba and their changes in health and safety regulations, a Covid-19 test is not required, but there aren’t any restrictions to submitting a covid-19 negative test either, so if you want to submit a negative test of covid-19, just as a safety precaution, you can.

However, for safety precautions, it is recommended to be fully vaccinated when traveling to Aruba and ensure you wear masks. This is not mandatory, but it’s helpful. Information and rules can change anytime, so ensure you’re up-to-date, especially before the days of your travel.

Do I Need to Quarantine Myself When I Reach Aruba?

At the moment, there aren’t any quarantine restrictions upon entering Aruba.

Get an ED Card for Aruba!

Why Are Covid-19 Compliance Cards Given To Tourists During Arrival?

Covid-19 compliance cards are given to travelers that have arrived in Aruba to inform them about protocols regarding Covid-19 in Aruba. They’re given at the accommodation when asked.

What is an Aruba ED card?

The Aruba ED card, also known as the embarkation/disembarkation card, is the mandatory travel document required by all travelers, including minors and infants, traveling to Aruba. It’s completely digitized and easy to apply for. The ED card has all the verified information, so you don’t have to carry several documents, and the card also shows that you have purchased the Aruba Visitors Insurance and hence, are ready to travel to Aruba Island. Ensure you request a travel document at least three days before arrival in Aruba.

How long is an Aruba ED card valid for?

The Aruba ED card is a single entry document, meaning it is only valid until you reach the Aruba airport. You will also require a new ED card each time you enter or depart from Aruba.

What documents are required for the Aruba ED card?

Along with the Aruba ED card, travelers must also carry certain other documents with them when traveling to Aruba.

·         A passport with a validity of at least 6 months and a valid visa sticker is necessary if you’re a visa holder.

·         A valid return or future destination ticket is important.

·         Necessary documents for returning to the country of origin are required. For example, a valid residency permit (permanent or temporary).

·         If the migration officer requests, a valid reservation for accommodation in Aruba is needed by the traveler. For example, a hotel or apartment or a property ownership in Aruba.

·         If the migration officer requests, you will need adequate financial means to provide for hotel expenses and living expenses or a declaration of guarantee from a legal resident in Aruba.

·         When applying for the ED card, you must give your email address, as the barcode is sent to you through email. The barcode with a green checkmark is acquired by you if you qualify for the Aruba ED card. It is presented to the authorities at the airport.

Get an ED Card for Aruba!

When is your Aruba ED card checked?

Your Aruba ED card will be checked two times. The first time will be when the airline assesses it at the departure, and the second time will be when the authorities inspect the card after you arrive in Aruba.

How long can you stay in Aruba?

A traveler can stay in Aruba for a maximum number of 30 days. You can apply for an extension of stay, but it cannot exceed 180 days per year.

Do Minors and People with Disabilities need to fill out an ED card form?

In case of minors or anyone with disabilities or health-related conditions who are unable to fill the Aruba ED card form themselves, you or any other responsible adult can fill the form on their behalf and present the travel document for them.

The public health authorities advise that no matter the age, anyone traveling to Aruba will have to fill out an Aruba ED card.

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