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Get an ED Card for Aruba!

Life in the city can be tiresome and stressful, which is why you should always take some time off after a while. If you’re looking for places to explore, then Aruba might be what you’re looking for. Aruba is a Caribbean island. It is home to beautiful beaches, stunning nature, and sands that never get hot. To travel to Aruba, one thing you will need is the Aruba ED card which is easy to acquire, and this guide will cover all your queries related to the cost of the card, processing, the documents required, and how it is applied.

What are the Costs and Processing Time of the Aruba ED Card?

The cost of the travel document’s processing fee may vary according to the process of processing you choose. The card itself is usually free, but the processing fee may vary.

·         Standard processing time processes your ED card in 24 hours. It costs USD $33.49.

·         Rush processing time processes your ED card in 8 hours. It costs USD $60.99.

·         Super rush processing processes your ED card in 4 hours. It costs USD $101.99.

What Documents are required for Entry into Aruba?

Upon arriving in Aruba, all travelers must have the following:

·         A passport that has validity for the duration of stay and for entry into Aruba. If a traveler holds a passport from a country that requires a visa, they must have a valid visa sticker on their passport. (You can check the visa section to see if a visa is required).

·         An Aruba embarkation/disembarkation card (ED card) has been completely and correctly filled out and signed.

·         A valid return ticket.

·         Necessary documents so the traveler can return to the country of origin or the country the traveler has the right to. For example, a valid residency permit (permanent or temporary), or an entry visa, or a re-entry permit.

·         If requested, the traveler must provide a valid reservation for an accommodation in Aruba if the migration officer requests. For example, an apartment, hotel, or owned property such as any residency.

·         If requested, the traveler has to provide the satisfaction to the migration officer that they have adequate financial means for hotel expenses and living expenses during the stay, or they possess a declaration of guarantee from a legal resident in Aruba.

·         You must have the required vaccinations and certificate of proof for the required countries.

Get an ED Card for Aruba!

Who needs the Aruba ED card?

All travelers traveling to Aruba or departing from it, including minors and infants, require the mandatory Aruba ED card. This card is supposed to be filled out by both nationals and foreigners. No matter the age of the traveler, they must have this travel document.

How long is an Aruba ED card valid for?

The Aruba ED card is only for single entry, which means you will require another ED card the next time you enter or depart from the island. The ED card will only stay valid until your arrival in Aruba.

Is Wearing a Mask Mandatory When Going to Aruba?

Wearing masks may be mandatory in certain areas according to government regulations. Both locals and visitors are expected to have a mask with them at certain locations and other instances where social distancing can’t happen.

All inbound visitors that are 12 and older are required to wear masks during their flight to Aruba. This rule may vary among airlines. Travelers are supposed to be familiar with all necessary flight procedures and requirements of their specific airline related to Covid-19.

It’s not mandatory to wear masks within the Aruba airport terminals and buildings, but you are still recommended to wear one. You are not required to wear masks as it’s not mandatory anywhere unless a certain establishment has rules where it’s mandatory for you to wear a mask. This is a mandatory choice set up by the establishment itself.

If you notice areas where social distancing doesn’t seem possible, it is recommended to wear a mask.

Get an ED Card for Aruba!

What are the Covid-19 test requirements for an Aruba ED card?

Anyone traveling to Aruba is no longer needed to present a Covid-19 negative test or any proof of vaccination. However, it is still advised that you download the Aruba health app to know about any changes or alterations in the rules and regulations in Aruba and their requirements and instructions related to Covid-19.

Do I need to Quarantine When I reach Aruba?

At the time, there are no quarantine restrictions on arrival to Aruba.

When is the Aruba ED card checked?

Your Aruba ED card is checked two times. Your specific airline will assess it during the departure, and the authorities will ask for it after you arrive in Aruba.

How can a person stay in Aruba?

You can stay for 30 days as a tourist in Aruba. You can also apply for an extended stay, but it shouldn’t exceed 180 days.

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