Are Dominican Republic E-tickets free?

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The Dominican Republic is one of the most relaxing places to spend your vacations. If you’re interested in the sunny skies and beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic, then what you will need to enter the Dominican Republic is the E-ticket. So, how much does it cost? How can you purchase an e-ticket? All these questions will be answered in this guide.

What do tourists need to travel to the Dominican Republic?

Tourists only require a valid passport to enter the Dominican Republic. The passport should be valid when you reach the country when you’re staying at the DR, and when you’re leaving the DR, you don’t have to apply for a visa.

Tell me the electronic ticket?

An electronic ticket or e-ticket is a new digital form for any passenger entering or leaving the Dominican Republic. It is a single document comprising three documents; the Traveler’s Health Affidavit, International Boarding/Disembarkation, and the Customs Declaration form. The e-ticket form makes migration procedures simpler.  

Tell me the purpose of QR codes?

You will be given two QR codes after completing the e-ticket form. The QR code is needed when you’re entering the country. The second QR code only confirms that the form has been filled correctly.

Do I have to fill out a form to travel with my family?

If you’re traveling with family, you must fill out information about each family member traveling with you. You don’t necessarily have to fill out an individual form for each member. Instead, you can put one user in the system that’ll enter information regarding all other family members. The limit for the form is 7 people, so if you’re traveling with more than 7 people, you will need another form.

Is it the same QR code to enter and leave the country?

It won’t be the same QR code for entering and leaving. You’ll be given two QR codes. One QR code is only required to enter the country. The second QR code only confirms that the form has been filled correctly.

Why is the form so long?

The form contains three documents; a customs declaration form, a migration service document, and an affidavit about the passenger’s health. All these are combined into one document, so there’s a lot of information to fill out, which makes the form appear long.

When does the physical form disappear?

Physical form usage was ended on April 1, 2021. The digital form makes the migration process and customs clearance quicker and more flexible.

Is it important to save the QR code?

Yes, it’s important to save the QR code. Print it or save it on your phone. You must show the QR code when entering the Dominic Republic.

What is the Dominican Republic e-ticket?

The Dominican Republic has introduced a new digital form for everyone entering or leaving the Dominican Republic. The form simplifies migration procedures by combining three documents into one. This form is called an e-ticket or electronic ticket.

How to apply for the Dominican Republic e-Ticket?

·         Go to the electronic ticket portal and make a user account.

·         Mention if you’re traveling alone or with a group.

·         Note down your application code. It will be needed if you don’t save your e-ticket.

·         Complete the general information and select if you’re entering or leaving the Dominican Republic.

·         Complete the migration information section, which asks about your passport number and flight details.

·         Complete the health declaration section, which asks about health-related questions.

·         Fill in your customs information which asks about the goods and cash you’re traveling with.

·         After all, this is done, your e-ticket will be visible. Download your digital form.

How do you display your form?

You can display your form physically or digitally. You can print it out or keep it saved on your phone.

Who needs the Dominican Republic e-ticket?

Any person traveling to the Dominican Republic or departing from it will require an e-ticket application.

When should I apply for the Dominican Republic e-Ticket?

You can apply for the e-ticket anytime, even on the same day as your flight. Make sure to apply in advance to avoid hassle. You will have 72 hours to apply before traveling to the Dominican Republic.

What documents are required to apply for an e-ticket?

Your personal information, flight details, passport details, email address, and a credit or debit card to pay the fee will be required.

Is the Dominican Republic e-ticket free?

Yes, the Dominican Republic e-ticket form is free and costs nothing.

How early can you fill out the e-ticket for Dominican Republic?

You can fill out the form 72 hours before arrival to the Dominican Republic until right before going through immigration.

Should I fill out my e-Ticket before Customs in Dominican Republic?

Yes, fill out your e-ticket in advance to avoid risks. You will have 72 hours to fill out your e-ticket before reaching the Dominican Republic.

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