Ansur.AM is a Latin American news channel with thousands of outbound links on the web. During its active years, it was a source of information for visitors from the Americas, with significant traffic coming from Brazil, Ecuador, and Chile. However, a significant percentage of visitor traffic came from many other South American countries too. 

The news feed was segmented into different categories, and under each category were links to news articles and videos. These feeds were regularly updated with information to keep their teeming audience informed about current events in real time.

Areas of Concentration

The various niches were 

Current Affairs: Lifestyle trends and general news were posted under current affairs. This is the segment users visited if they wanted quick information about current affairs and breaking news as they unfolded.

Economics: The economics section focused on stories regarding the prevailing economic profiles of Latin America as a whole and individual countries in the region. From the economic policies of governments to the interest and inflation rates of various countries, visitors got detailed reviews of the economic profiles of Latin economies and expected trends.

Education: This niche focuses on the education industry in general. Educational policies of the national government and the impact of such policies were a core focus of the news website. The progress of elementary and middle, and tertiary education was brought into focus. Furthermore, educational institutions were reviewed, and findings were published.

Culture: Ansur advertised Latin culture in this section. There was emphasis on cultural practices and values, indigenous religion, arts and crafts, food, dress styles, social structures, and street festivals and carnivals were some of the articles and reviews published in this section. 

Technology: The impact of technological innovations and how they evolved in the region was the core focus of this section. The rise of the internet and its penetration into Latino society, in general, were constantly analyzed. Attention was given to the rise of local tech companies and how they were influencing lives and changing the way of doing business in Latino countries. Every technological innovation was tracked, and its impact was analyzed. Also, the impact of Social media on the younger population was a core focus of this section.

Politics: The Politics section followed the political trends in Latino countries, ruling parties, emerging parties, and election timelines.