Where to retire in mexico on social security

Are you looking for where to retire in Mexico on social security? Affordable cities with affordable living costs include

路         Valladolid

路         Santiago de Queretaro

路         San Cristobal de Las Casas

If you plan to relocate to Mexico to be part of the expat community and you are looking for the cheapest cities to live in, read this article to know more.

Are you making plans about retiring abroad to start a new move in Mexico, and do you intend to live solely on social security funds? You already know your lifestyle options will be limited to the basics and a little extra if you live in the city center. Living on social security in some of the US’s biggest cities may be difficult but doing so in Mexico is not only possible but practical.

Today, thousands of retirees and working ex-pats live in Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende and other parts of Mexico as part of the expat community, and many of them lead comfortable lives even on a social security income. If you qualify for a temporary or permanent residency and to it are already making plans to move to Mexico, with discipline and financial prudence, you can live a comfortable life here.

Where To Retire In Mexico On Social Security: Average Cost

As you already know, social security pays people different amounts, but there is always an average bracket of roughly $1500-$1600 monthly. While this amount will be insufficient to retire in the US, you can do so in Mexico without stress because of the low cost of living.

Here is an average breakdown of places you can live in Mexico on this wage. Note that these costs are speculative and subject to inflation.

路         Valladolid, Yutacan – $950 and above

路         Santiago de Queretaro – $1000 and above

路         San Cristobal de Las Casas in Chiapas – $1000

路         Puebla – $1150 and above

路         Guadalajara, Jaliso – $1200 and above

路         Guanajuato City – $1300 and above

路         Oaxaca City – $1350

These are seven of the cheapest cities to live in. Should you decide to relocate to any of these places, you may not be able to love a luxurious life on your $1500 social security, but you will love comfortably without stress.

Your Lifestyle Matters

The first thing to understand is that your lifestyle is the most important factor that determines whether you can survive on social security or not is your lifestyle. Those with poor lifestyle choices may draw up to $10,000 from their retirement benefits and still struggle to stay afloat in an affordable city.

But if you keep a low profile and only buy what you need most of the time, you can survive on social security of $1500 a month. Setting up a realistic budget for health insurance, groceries, rents, entertainment, and transportation will help you keep costs low. You may even opt to buy food items from a farmer’s market instead of a supermarket or grocery store where they are more expensive.

If you keep a low profile and only buy what you need most of the time, you can survive on social security of $1500 a month. Setting up a realistic budget for health insurance, groceries, rents, entertainment, and transportation will help you keep costs low.

If you only go out occasionally and are not very far from where you stay, you don’t need a car because you will then have to spend more on fuel and maintenance costs. Rather, you should take public transportation in your city since it is cheaper.

If you live in a smaller city like San Miguel de Allende, Puerto Vallarta or Ajijic, you can take trips on foot to grocery stores and local restaurants or any place around.

Living Costs

Services you’ll consider a luxury back home can be enjoyed in smaller Mexican cities like San Miguel de Allende at affordable costs. For instance, electricity bills are cheaper, and you hardly have any need for a heater due to the temperate weather. But you may need cool air, but even then, you can mask do with ceiling fans and save an extra $100 monthly. If you live in a coastal town, the sea breeze will keep your rooms cool

You can also hire luxury services like a maid to clean your house for less than $15 daily. You may need to pay more if the maid cooks and performs other tasks for you. But the biggest chunk of your budget will be spent on rent.

You can get a cheap 2 bedroom with 2 baths condo fully furnished for $600 a month in the West coast and beach towns or surrounding mountains. The property may likely have a BBQ area, access to a community pool, and green space. Then there are other expenses like

路         Utilities – $30 a month

路         Mexico Healthcare Insurance – $150 a month

路         Taxi/Transportation – $50 a month

路         Groceries – $200 a month

路         High-Speed Internet – $25 a month

路         Entertainment – $100 a month

Note: Although you may have more needs, but the above are estimated costs for essential foods and services. However you should also factor in the cost for getting a temporary resident visa also,

Where to retire in Mexico on social security should not be a problem as there are dozens of cheap and affordable cities. You don’t need personal loans if you keep your living costs low. But the key to success is having a budget for everything and disciplining yourself to stick to it.